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The History and Art of Japanese Prints and Tattooing

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Huys den Esch Gallery is pleased to announce the publication of UKIYO-E TO HORIMONO, a book on the history of tattooing in Japan as explained from Japanese woodblock prints. The book was written by Jan van Doesburg and is published in a limited edition of 450 copies.
Nowhere else in the world is the fascinating art of tattooing performed so intensely and in such artistic and colourful ways as in Japan. Through the ages many of its characteristics have been illustrated in Japanese woodblock prints and as such these prints are an important mirror of the history of Japanese tattooing. One of the three main sections of this publication is
a comprehensive and well-documented essay dealing with prints of this genre. In his treatise the author is not only focusing on the artistic and historical aspects of Japanese tattooing, but he also pays attention to social, cultural and iconographic aspects, and discusses the technique of Japanese woodblock-printing as well.
Thirty-five illustrations of Japanese prints, selected from collections of museums, dealers and individual collectors worldwide, accompany the text as evidence of certain discussed matters.

In the second section of the book eighty Japanese woodblock prints selected from the Van der Velden Collection are illustrated. All of these are depicting tattooed characters. Not only does this selection reflect many highly fashionable aspects of urban life in nineteenth-century Japan, it also shows distinctly the gradually developed reciprocity between the phenomena of tattooing and printmaking in Japan.

The third section of this publication is including illustrations of the date and censorship seals that are found on Japanese woodblock prints published between 1791 and 1876. Well over 800 of such seals are brought together in an orderly survey that may serve as a guide to date Japanese prints.

Book title: UKIYO-E TO HORIMONO         
Subtitle: The history and art of Japanese prints and tattooing
Additional title: The Van der Velden Collection
Author: Jan van Doesburg
Publisher: Huys den Esch Graphic Design: Since 1416   
Language: English
Hard cover, 320 pages, with 116 colour illustrations, of which many full-page.
Dimensions: c. 24 x 32 x 3 cm.Weight: 1.7 kg.
ISBN/EAN: 978-90-800527-0-3
Price: € 69.00

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