Introduction beeld

Brief introductory notes.

After having published essays on Utagawa Sadamasu’s chūban prints in ‘Andon’ (Bulletin of the Society for Japanese Arts, nr. 10, pp. 5-9, and nr. 36, pp. 111-119), Jan van Doesburg has compiled an overview of the ‘complete’ oeuvre of this influential Osaka artist.

Now, we here present the overview online. It contains over a hundred prints, all fully described by the compiler.

Some of the images are only of fair quality. These will be replaced by better ones whenever possible.

Please note the information may change as a result of ongoing research.

See ‘Sadamasu’s work’. Click on the thumbnails for enlargements and descriptions.


We would like to thank all individuals and institutions that have made this project possible.

We are especially grateful to Hendrick Lühl, Paul Beker, Peter Ujlaki, and Mrs. Kitagawa Hiroko, for their efforts contributing to the completion of this publication.

Special mention goes to Prof. Matsudaira Susumu (1933-2000), for his assistance and inspiration.