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Subject: Naniwa Tenpōzan fūkei (View of Mount Tenpō in Osaka).

Date: early 1834

Signature: Tōbu Gototei Kunisada monjin (pupil of Gototei Kunisada from Edo) Utagawa Sasdamasu ga (a.), Utagawa Sadamasu ga (b., c., d.)

Artist’s seal: Sada (a.)

Publisher: (Osaka Shimanouchi Hachimansuji Shinsaibashi Nishiiru Tenki han) (a.), Tenmaya Kihei (seal: Tenki) (b., c., d.).

Format: ōban tetraptych

Collection: Schwaab, D.J., Osaka Prints, pl. 281.

In 1832 the government sponsored a dredging project to prevent flooding and silting of the Aji River, connecting the harbour of Osaka with the sea. That year and the following one, hundreds and sometimes thousands of townsmen piled vast quantities of dredged silt onto a large hill at the river mouth. Thereupon, the hill was planted with trees and shrubs, and pavilions, teahouses, a lighthouse and bridges were constructed. It was called Mount Tenpō, after the current era name, and much frequented by the citizens of Osaka.

Since Sadamasu’s ‘View of Mount Tenpō’ is not only a spring-scenery, but also presumably designed after the completion of the large-scale project, it is likely that it was published in the spring of 1834.