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Subject: Nakamura Utaemon III as a yakko (servant) (a.), and Arashi Rikan II as Kagekiyo (b.).

Date: early 1833, a mitate.

Signature: Utagawa Sadamasu ga (a. and b.)

Publisher: Fujita (seal: Ta) (a. and b.)

Block carver: Matsukura Kumazō (seal: hori Kuma) (a. and b.)

Printer’s seal: suri Oto (a. and b.)

Format: ōban diptych

Private collection.

Both roles are from plays entitled Mitsu no haru Suzume no Tawamure and Mitsu no haru koma. The servant is named Komahei, occasionally Komakichi. His name is not on the print, but on his coat appears the character for koma (horse), forming part of the servant’s name. The two sheets might be parts of a larger composition, but until now no matching panels have been traced.