92 a b  - Japanse kunst, Japanse prent, Japanse prenten

92 a b

Subject: Kataoka Ichizō I as Daroku (a.), and Arashi Rikan III as Tōfū (b.).

Play: Ono no Tōfū aoyagi suzuri.

Theatre: Wakadayū

Date: 7/1848

Signature: Kunimasu ga (a. and b.)

Publisher: Kinkadō Konishi (seal: Konishi) (a and b.)

Block carver: Uchida Torazō (seal: chōkō Uchida Torazô (b.)

Format: chūban diptych

Collection: Rijksmuseum Amsterdam.

Although forming a diptych the images of the two prints are placed in different frames. The frame of the right panel is printed with one thick black line, while the frame of the left panel is composed of two thin parallel lines in black, with blue between them.

See also 92 c.