97  - Japanse kunst, Japanse prent, Japanse prenten


Subject: Jitsukawa Enzaburō I as Oguri Hangan

Date: 8/1848

Signature: Kunimasu ga

Block carver’s seal: Wada sen (carved by Wada)(red seal on the left margin; the other seal is not identified).

Format: chūban

Collection: Rijksmuseum Amsterdam.

Impressions are also known with the publisher’s or print-seller’s seal Kawaoto and lacking the carver’s seal Wada sen.
The given date is based on three chūban prints by Hirosada, which show the same actor and role. The three belong to one of his series Chūkō buyūden, of which several prints are datable to 5/1848 and 8/1848. The last is the most obvious date for Sadamasu’s print.