102  - Japanse kunst, Japanse prent, Japanse prenten


Subject: Jitsukawa Enzaburō I als Kanemari Daisuke.

Signature: Kunimasu

Date: late 1848-1849.1

Format: chūban

Collection: Rijksmuseum Amsterdam.

1. Kanemari Daisuke is one of the characters appearing in the plays Satomi hakkenden and Hana no ani tsubomi no yatsufusa, but the kabuki annals do not mention a performance related to the print in question. In spite of the use of a rectangular cartouche for the signature, and the absence of both the title cartouche and the bat-shaped cartouche for the role, the print is sometimes found in an album together with the two Hakkenden prints that are published c. 6/1848. Further, impressions with the printer’s seal Kyō Isa are known, the seal that is also present on the two Hakkenden prints from 1848 (see e.g. Matsudaira, S., Kamigata yakusha-e shūsei, vol. 3, pl. 143). Considering this, the print might belong to the set Chūjū hakkenden, but more likely it was published on a somewhat later date.