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103 a b

Subject: Arashi Rikan III as Iwagawa (Jirōkichi) (a.), and Ichikawa Ebizō V as Tetsugadake (b.).

Title: Nimai no uchi (A set of two) (a. and b.).1

Signature: Kunimasu ga (a. and b.)

Date: late 1848-1849

Format: chūban diptych

Private collection.

Iwagawa and Tetsugadake appear in the play Sekitori senryō nobori. No actual performance with the portrayed actors is recorded in the kabuki sources, so the diptych probably is a mitate.

Some impressions of the left panel have a yellow background with black bokashi at top and lack part of the pattern on the fan.


1. Both prints shown here are trimmed to the image and thus lack the title at bottom left.