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109 a b

Subject: Shini-e (memorial print) of Ōkawa Hashizō I (Onoe Kikugorō III) as Kasane no yūrei (ghost of Kasane).

Date: 4-5/1849

Signature: Kunimasu ga (a. and b.)

The actor's deathbed poem is signed Ōkawa Hashizō.

Format: chūban diptych.1

Collection: Mita Arts

The actor passed away on the 24th day of the fourth month of 1849.

The hand-stamped red seal reads Asano ishōten (Asano clothes shop) and is probably the seal of a collector or sponsor. One impression of the right panel is known that bears the seal of the printer Kyō Isa.

Some impressions are found with a small woodblock-printed paper pasted to the left upper corner, giving the date and place of the actor’s death, and his posthumous name.

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1. A different version of this chūban diptych is illustrated in Matsudaira, S., Kamigata ukiyo-e nihyakunen-ten, pl.187. According to the catalogue notes it concerns an ōban version. It appears that impressions made by using the original blocks are combined here on a single ōban sheet. To achieve this, both panels are shifted somewhat towards the centre and, judging from the illustration, the left border lines of the right-hand panel seem removed from the original woodblock. This version bears the publisher’s seal hanmoto Meinashi.