115   - Japanse kunst, Japanse prent, Japanse prenten


Subject: Ichikawa Ebizō V as Ikazuchi.

Date: 1849-2/1850

Signature: Kunimasu ga

Printer’s seal: suriko Sawada

Number: ni (two)

Format: chūban

Private collection.

Until now only two prints of this set of five are known.

The role is one from the play Otokodate itsutsu karigane, but the portrayal most likely is a mitate, that is, not related to an actual performance.
Ichikawa Ebizō V stayed in Osaka until 2/1852 and then returned again 1/1853. This, combined with the appearance of the typically shaped bat-cartouche which is also present on two of the artist’s prints published 5/1850, makes it likely that the set was published in 1849 or in the first two months of 1850.