123  - Japanse kunst, Japanse prent, Japanse prenten


Subject: A boar, a man, and an old woman.

Title: Baibai fukyo (sale not permitted).

Date: c. 1850.

Signature: Kunimasu hitsu

Artist’s seal: Utagawa Kunimasu

Block carver: Tanizō (seal: chōko Tanizō)

Printer: Tamizō (seal: suriko Tamizō)

Format: chūban

Collection: Mita Arts.

This unusual print deals with loyalty and respect, and tells us not to serve two masters. The scene refers to acts 5 and 6 of the Chūshingura story, 'The Treasury of Loyal Retainers'. The style of the kanji characters used in the moralistic text is identical to the style of the kanji characters seen in a chūban triptych by Hirosada, published 5/1851. (See Keyes, R., Hirosada Ōsaka Printmaker, number 46). Sadamasu's print may have been published in the same year, as 1851 was a Year of the Boar.