1. Keyes, R. and Mizushima, K., The Theatrical World of Osaka Prints, p. 269, records a print dated 1/1848, but until now I have not seen an impression or illustration of this print.

2. One is a chūban series entitled Kunizukushi Yamato meiyo (An enumeration of famous places of Japan) and the other is a series of ōban prints entitled Edo murasaki goyūyo-jō (Fifty-four chapters of Edo purple).

3. No prints designed by Hirosada were published in Osaka between 3/1852 and 8/1852.

4. The signatures read Naniwa Sadamasu aratame Kunimasu monjin Hirosada ga, Naniwa Kunimasu monjin Hirosada ga, and Kunimasu monjin Hirosada ga.

Pupils of Sadamasu

Kuroda Genji in Kamigata-e ichiran (p. 158) groups quite a large number of artists under Sadamasu’s influence, but not all of them are known to have been his students. Here I only list the artists of whom prints exist that bear a signature acknowledging Sadamasu (Kunimasu) as their teacher. The details are reproduced in brief, with occasionally short comments.

Nobukatsu (信勝) (active late 1820s-late 1830s)

Early name: Shigenao (重直) (until 9/1829)

Recorded on two prints dated 1/1832 as a pupil of Sadamasu (Kuroda, G., Kamigata-e ichiran, pl. 103, and Doesburg, W.J. van, Ōsaka Kagami, pl. 69).

Sadayuki (貞雪) (active 1839-1840)

Recorded on two prints, dated 1/1839 and 7/1840, as a pupil of Sadamasu (Matsudaira, S., Kamigata yakusha-e shūsei, vol. 3, pl. 226, and Kuroda, G., Kamigata-e ichiran, p. 370; An impression of the latter print is recorded in a private collection).

Utagawa Hirosada (歌川  廣貞) (active 1835-1850s)

Early name: Hirokuni (廣國) (early 1847-5/1847)

Recorded as a pupil of Kunimasu on prints published 6/1852, 8/1852, and 8/1853 in Edo (Keyes, R., Hirosada Ōsaka Printmaker, Figure 10, and Tsubouchi Memorial Theatre Museum of Waseda University, collection numbers 006-3796 and 006-3798).

Hirosada may be identical with Sadahiro (貞廣) (active under that name: 1830-1847).

Masuharu (升春) (active 1849-1850)

Recorded on an undated print as a pupil of Kunimasu (Kuroda, G., Kamigata-e ichiran, p. 372; An impression of this print is recorded in a private collection).

Masunobu (升信) (active 1847-1851)

Early name: Kiyosada (清貞) (until 5/1848)

Recorded on an undated print as a pupil of Kunimasu (Gilder, P.R. and L., Arts and Designs of Japan, cat. 8, pl. 33).

Masusada (升貞) (active 1848-1849)

Recorded on a print dated 8/1849 as a pupil of Kunimasu (Lühl, H., Helden Schurken Kurtisanen, pl. 207).

Sadamasu II (貞升) (active 1849)

Recorded on an undated print as a pupil of Kunimasu (Matsudaira, S., Kōki Kamigata-e shibai-e zuroku, Tsubouchi Memorial Theatre Museum, Waseda University, cat. 6, pl. 37).

Sadamasu II created only a few prints and from these it is obvious that he was not highly gifted. His portraits have considerably less character than the ones by his teacher.

Hasegawa Sadanobu (長谷川  貞信) (1809-1879, active 1834-1879)

The artist is thought to be identical with the Sadanobu who is listed as a pupil of Kunisada on the Toyokuni I memorial stone. Prints by Sadanobu that are published in Edo in the early 1820s are possibly by a different artist of that name.

According to Onishi Komamura (in the magazine Ukiyo-e-shi, 1931, vol. 28.) and Sadanobu III (in the magazine Kamigata, 1942, vol. 138.) Sadanobu has been a pupil of Sadamasu for some time. In Keyes, R., Hirosada Ōsaka Printmaker, p. 23, note 32, a print is mentioned on which Sadanobu acknowledges Utagawa Sadamasu as his teacher. I have seen neither an impression of this print, nor an illustration of it, but for the moment I assume the information is correct.

The following artists may have been pupils of Sadamasu:

Masukuni (升國) (active c. 1851), Masunao (升直) (active 1847), and Masutsuru (升鶴) (active 1852).